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Comic Con Revolution 2017 (Preview)

The #HallHShow travels north to the Inland Empire for Comic Con Revolution‘s inaugural event!  This one day convention takes place on Saturday May 13th at the Ontario Convention Center with over 200 exhibitors in attendance and 100 creators in Artist Alley.

Comic Con Revolution was founded on very simple principles. We are excited to celebrate comics and the creative arts. At the absolute core of what we do are the creators themselves. The people who create the comics, games, toys, film, movies and more that we all love. Without their tireless dedication to creating the fantastic worlds we all get lost in events like Comic Con Revolution would not be possible

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Our mission at Hall H is to put the focus on artists and other creatives. So make sure you make your way to Artist Alley and visit some of our favorite artists and friends:

Ben Russel K7


Eric Ninaltowlski F7 & F8


Franco Te – Tee No Evil B1 & B2


Top Cow Productions, Inc. 305

Science Fiction Coalition – Booth COS8


The Podcast Advocates Present: The Podcast Gathering

David King, Cheryl Jones | Hosted by Andrew Linde
11:30am, 104B

Voices From Your Favorite Games

Josh Petersdorf, Anjali Bhimani, Fedor Chin | Hosted by John Nguyen & Mike Villareal
1:30pm, 104B

The Arkham Sessions Presents: The Psychology of Batman

Andrea Letamendi, Brian Ward, Livio Ramondelli
3:30pm, 104B

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Being Rita Repulsa

Carla Perez | Hosted by John Nguyen & Mike Villareal
4:30pm, 104B

Iconic Art: Artists on Illustrating Your Favorite Comic Book Characters

Matthew Clark, Paolo Rivera, Art Thibert, Scott Koblish, Todd Nauck | Hosted by Stacy Lott
4:30pm, 103

Nerdgasm Podcast

Alan Bailey, Grayson, Zero | Hosted by Claudia Gonzalez
5:00pm, 105

1st Annual Cosplay Revolution Contest

Hosted by Angi Viper & DeadFNPool
7:00pm, 104B


Bruce the Batpug GA1


Gavin & Shawn Richter COS8

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Dr. Andrea Letamendi & Brian Ward GA1


Whilce Portacio J1


Art Thibert H1


Livio Ramondelli L1


Todd Nauck E5

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