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hall h show podcast episode 33 with Artist and Illustrator Jin Yung Kim

Ep. 33 – Jin Yung Kim

The Hall H Show podcast welcomes illustrator Jin Yung Kim! We are big fans of his Voltron, Dragonball and Transformers art! Check him out in Artist Alley at Wondercon 2018! This episode is also available on Google Play, iTunesStitcher and Spotify. The Hall H Show podcast is hosted by Aaron Nabus and Alex Benedicto.

Show Notes:

Love Voltron, Dragonball and Transformers art? Then you will love our next guest, illustrator, Jin Yung Kim!

This podcast was recorded in October of 2017, when Jin just finished his comic convention season and was having fun creating art for Inktober.

Now that the 2018 con season has started, Jin, who recently tore it up at Emerald City Comic Con, will be making an appearance at WonderCon 2018, which will takes place March 23rd to the 25th, in Anaheim, CA.

His new Voltron print will be making it’s debut at this year’s WonderCon, so make sure to go visit him at Artists Alley A-09!

Voltron by Jin Yung Kim


On this interview, we touch on how he was at 11 years old, some of his artistic influences and who he thinks should play him if a movie was made about his life. We even talk a little bit about his recent trip to Japan with his friends and fellow artists, Patrick Ballesteros and Dave Wilkins…those illustrations that Patrick did of them on that trip were hilarious!


Thunder Round Questions:

If you could have a meal with anyone, dead or alive, real or fictional, who would it be and where would you eat??

Looking at your Instagram, there is a definite Anime influence. What three animes could you watch over and over?

If you were in a band, what instrument would you play?

If you were President of the United States, what kind of artwork would you hang up in the Oval Office?

If a movie was made about you, who would play you?

What kind of music would be on the soundtrack?


Please enjoy our conversation with…Jin Yung Kim!


Our Guest:

Jin Yung Kim:
Concept Artist/Illustrator
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Additional Art by Jin Yung Kim:


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Aaron Nabus

Aaron Nabus

After crash landing on Earth, Aaron Nabus grew to enjoy watching anime and Godzilla movies, reading comic books, eating kimchi, and playing 80's and 90's arcade, Nintendo and SNES games. When not roaming the galaxy, interviewing talented creators, he is a Graphic Designer, Brand Ambassador for the International Mobile Film Festival, founder and organizer of FilAm CreatorCon and a #ComicConFit motivator.

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