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Hall H Show - Ep 54 - Lord Mesa

Ep. 54 – Lord Mesa

Aaron Nabus from the Hall H Show caught up with the very talented and popular artist, Lord Mesa at WonderCon 2018. This episode is also available on Google Play, iTunesStitcher, iHeart Radio and Spotify. The Hall H Show podcast is hosted by Aaron Nabus and Alex Benedicto.

Show Notes:

Hey there Hall H Show listeners!

Aaron Nabus here and on behalf of my co-host, Alex Benedicto, thank you so much for listening to the Hall H Show, the voice of independent creators.

If you are an avid comic convention goer, you’ve probably seen the awesome and unique artwork of Lord Mesa. You’ve also probably seen the long lines at his booth!

With his eye catching stylized art inspired from shows such as Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Supernatural, comic books, anime and pop culture movies, it’s no wonder that he has such a large following.

Which is why we thought it would be a good idea to talk with him before it got to busy first thing in the morning when we visited him at WonderCon 2018.

We loved getting to know him a bit more, finding out what he what he was into when he was younger, what artists inspired him and also finding out when he decided to go for it and become an artist full time.

Lord Mesa is always a joy to catch up with at conventions and we hope to have a longer conversation with him in the near future. For now, we hope you enjoy our WonderCon 2018 chat with him!

Interview with Lord Mesa at WonderCon 2018 (video version)

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Thank YOU for listening to the Hall H Show podcast! We love putting the spotlight on some of our favorite pop culture and comic book creatives, like Lord Mesa! It was great seeing him at WonderCon 2018. We have a few more WonderCon 2018 interviews that we will be uploading soon featuring a few comic book creators from Alterna Comics, Terry Mayo, Jordan Hart and David Lucarelli!

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Aaron Nabus

Aaron Nabus

After crash landing on Earth, Aaron Nabus grew to enjoy watching anime and Godzilla movies, reading comic books, eating kimchi, and playing 80's and 90's arcade, Nintendo and SNES games. When not roaming the galaxy, interviewing talented creators, he is a Graphic Designer, Brand Ambassador for the International Mobile Film Festival, founder and organizer of FilAm CreatorCon and a #ComicConFit motivator.

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