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Hall H Show - Ep 68 - CK Goldiing - 61 Hugs

Ep. 68 – CK Goldiing (61 Hugs)

The Hall H Show podcast talked with CK Goldiing, the creator of the smartphone short film, 61 Hugs. This episode is also available on Google Play, iTunesStitcher, iHeart Radio and Spotify. The Hall H Show is hosted by Aaron Nabus and Alex Benedicto and is the “Voice of Independent Creators.”

Show Notes:

Aaron Nabus here and thanks for tuning into the Hall H Show!

What does someone who suffers from massive overthinking do when challenged to do something crazy like give 61 hugs to 61 random people?

This was the premise for an incredible short movie that I watched at this year’s International Mobile Film Festival and was created by CK Goldiing, an artist and presenter from Sheffield, England.

CK filmed himself with his smartphone,  walking around Sheffield, asking complete strangers for a hug, all in one take!

His viral video is a fascinating social experiment that showcases how someone terrified by the potential rejections, forges on ahead anyway with the winds of spontaneity, optimism, goodwill and human spirit at his back.

61 Hugs: The Rehabilitation of An Overthinker challenges CK’s long-standing belief that “overthinking is the enemy of remarkable.” I smile each time I think about this remarkable film.

Please enjoy my conversation with CK Golding, which almost didn’t happen!
But in true CK fashion, the randomness of the universe had other plans for us. Enjoy!

And don’t forget to watch 61 Hugs!

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Aaron Nabus

Aaron Nabus

After crash landing on Earth, Aaron Nabus grew to enjoy watching anime and Godzilla movies, reading comic books, eating kimchi, and playing 80's and 90's arcade, Nintendo and SNES games. When not roaming the galaxy, interviewing talented creators, he is a Graphic Designer, Brand Ambassador for the International Mobile Film Festival, founder and organizer of FilAm CreatorCon and a #ComicConFit motivator.

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