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Ep. 108 – Clay Adams (PBOW: World War Bitch 1-2)

Hall H Show host Aaron Nabus talks to Clay Adams, who makes his return the podcast to discuss his new comic book, PBOW: World War Bitch 1-2. This episode is also available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, Deezer, Amazon Music, and Spotify. The Hall H Show is hosted by Aaron Nabus and Alex Benedicto and is the “Voice of Independent Creators.”

Show Notes:

On this episode, Hall H Show host, Aaron Nabus chats with a returning guest, writer, actor and director, Clay Adams. You might know him for his voice acting work on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fast Forward and several seasons of Yugioh. He was last on the show back in October of 2020, on episode 99, where he and David Schrader talked about their horror themed comic book anthology, Nightmare Theater.

He’s back to talk about one of his own comics, PBOW: World War Bitch 1-2, the grindhouse action comedy sequel to Pregnant Bitches of War (Dystopian sci-fi for mature readers that’s The Handmaid’s Tale meets Kill Bill). PBOW: World War Bitch 1-2 is on Kickstarter until June, 17, 2021.

Clay also shares some great writing, Kickstarter and voice acting advice. Enjoy!

About Our Guest:

Clay Adams voiced the role of “Mirage Donatello” in the 25th anniversary Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie TURTLES FOREVER, but he is best known for playing Cody Jones on TMNT: FAST FORWARD, Jesse Anderson in YU-GI-OH GX, and Crow Hogan in YU-GI-OH 5DS and ARC-V, as well as roles on POKEMON and various other anime.

On camera, he had recurring roles on the soap operas AS THE WORLD TURNS, ONE LIFE TO LIVE, and ALL MY CHILDREN, and he has appeared on the prime time shows ONE TREE HILL, DROP DEAD DIVA, and BEING MARY JANE. In feature films, he appeared in Tyler Perry’s GOOD DEEDS and played lead roles in the horror movies BLOODLINE and THE SHADOW WALKERS, both released by LionsGate.

In the comics space, his first comic, RED XMAS, was published through Scout Comics last year and the trade paperback will soon be in bookstores courtesy of Simon & Schuster distribution. His latest comic, ELECTRIC YOUTH was recently featured in the LA TIMES, and the pop culture site Soda & Telepaths listed him #4 on their list of 51 Indie Comic Creators You Should Keep an Eye On. He is a comics Kickstarter veteran, with ten campaigns under his belt, including 2020’s NIGHTMARE THEATER horror anthology, which raised nearly $30,000 through crowdfunding.

(Bio courtesy of Clay Adams)

PBOW: World War Bitch 1-2:

About PBOW: Word War Bitch: “Plucked from the time-stream by mad scientist Nikola Tesla, six pregnant women accidentally kill a young Hitler — and unleash a nightmare future! Now, hunted by the Exalted Father, and with Tesla acting as Charlie to their Angels, they must save the world from a hell of their own creation… before their water breaks!”

Opening Round Questions:

  • First, What kind of drugs were you on when you came up with this idea? Seriously though, can you walk us through how you came to the conclusion that Nikola Tesla would make a suitable “Charlie” for six pregnant “Angels”?
  • How did you meet your writing partner for this book, Alexandre O. Philippe and the rest of your creative team?
  • What are some helpful tips to help ensure a successful Kickstarter?
  • You co-founded Fried Comics in 2013, deciding to specialize in off-beat, irreverent pulp fiction. Why did you decide to create Fried Comics in the first place?
  • Can you tell me about Red X-mas and your new association with Scout Comics?
  • You’re not only making comics, but you’re also acting, directing and writing other material. What is a typical day like for you – especially when you are raising a family? 
  • How do you stay motivated to create? Do you have a routine?

Thunder Round Questions:

  • If you could describe yourself with one word, what would it be? Why did you choose this word?
  • Like a basketball player shooting countless free throws when not playing, consistently practicing your craft makes you better. As a creative involved in a lot of various artistic endeavors, what does practice look like for you?
  • If you were the United States, what kind of artwork would you hang up in the Oval Office?
  • Little known fact, I grew up watching General Hospital. What was it like working on a soap opera?
  • What fictional universe would you want to be a character in?
  • You’ve just completed a long day of voice over work, plotting your next book, and playing with your kids. What do you crave to eat ?
  • If you had the ability to time travel, who is someone that you would want to have a meal  with? Where would you take this person to eat? What’s one question that you would like to ask this person? David lee roth 1984
  • You gave an investing tips last time you were on. What’s something that you would not invest in?
  • If a movie was made about your life, what kind of music would be on the soundtrack? Who would play you and would direct it?
  • What’s one thing you hated as a child but love now as an adult?
  • If you were a college professor, what would you be teaching?
  • What’s one book that made you a fan of reading books?
  • You played a bartender on As the World Turns. What’s your favorite adult beverage?
  • I gave you a million dollars last time you were on and you made the Bare Naked Ladies song go away. What would you do if I gave you a billion dollars?

Follow Clay Adams:

Fried Comics Website

Thank YOU:

And, thanks to my guest, Clay Adams for coming back on the show to promote PBOW: World War Bitch – now on Kickstarter until June 17, 2021.

We love putting the spotlight on independent pop culture creatives, like Clay! Please make sure to follow him and consider supporting his current and future comic books.

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