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Hall H Show Podcast - Ep. 43 - Emily Moberly - Traveling Stories

Ep. 43 – Emily Moberly (Traveling Stories)

The Hall H Show podcast welcomes Emily Moberly, the Founder and CEO of Traveling Stories. This episode is also available on Google Play, iTunesStitcher and Spotify. The Hall H Show podcast is hosted by Aaron Nabus and Alex Benedicto.

Show Notes:

Hey fellow nerds and geeks, Aaron Nabus here and on behalf of my co-host, Alex Benedicto, thank you so much for tuning in!

“We Empower Kids to Outsmart Poverty” is such an empowering and motivational statement.

In fact, it’s the mission statement  of Traveling Stories, a San Diego, CA non-profit organization. They believe that books are a necessity, not a luxury, that the ability to read and write is a human right and there is more than one kind of poverty and more than one kind of hunger.

While it’s important to feed a child’s stomach, you mustn’t forget about their mind and imagination.

Through their mobile StoryTent program, which has successfully served over 3,000 local San Diego kids a year, they teach kids money management skills and help them fall in love with reading by the 4th grade.

We are honored to have the Founder and CEO of Traveling Stories, Emily Moberly on episode 43 of the Hall H Show podcast!

On this episode, we talk about her origin story, her journey that lead to her starting Traveling Stories, what her favorite book is and THE ULTIMATE 2018 COMIC-CON® EXPERIENCE Sweepstakes that they are offering in conjunction with IDW and Comic-Con International!

Win the ultimate Comic-Con experience!

Here’s what you get in this incredible prize package:

2 four-day passes (includes preview night) to SOLD OUT San Diego Comic-Con®.

Round-trip airfare for 2 within the continental United States.

Hotel accommodations for 2 at Wyndham San Diego Bayside.

Personal tour of the San Diego Comic Art Gallery with Ted Adams, CEO of IDW Publishing.

Airport pickup by Traveling Stories with a quick detour to sample a delicious assortment of San Diego treats.

This Comic-Con® sweepstakes is a complete package. Minimum entry $10 gives you 10 entries, which coincidentally is the cost of providing a reading program for one child for a month.

You have until Wednesday June 13, 2018, before the drawing at 3 pm PDT to enter, so go to https://travelingstories.org/comic-con-sweeps/ right after you listen to our inspirational conversation with Emily!


Why Does Reading and Empowering Kids Matter?:

“More than six million children in the United States will experience negative academic, personal and social outcomes every year because of poor reading skills.

Children who can’t read proficiently by the 4th grade are up to 15 times more likely to drop-out of school.

Sadly, in the U.S., two-thirds of all children and 82% of children in low-income families read below grade level.” (Annie E Casey Foundation & NAEP)

“Children who don’t finish high school are not qualified for 90% of jobs and will earn an average of $23,000 a year.

Their peers who do go to college will earn an average of $48,000 a year. (Annie E Casey Foundation)” (Annie E Casey Foundation & NAEP)


From Dreamers to Doers (Traveling Stories 2017):


Thunder Round Questions:

What was the last song you sang in the shower?

What statement would you have Bart, from the Simpsons write on the chalkboard?

Which four people would you put on a book themed Mount Rushmore?

If you could have a meal with anyone dead, alive or fictional, who would it be and where would you eat?

If you had the unique opportunity to make first contact with an alien race, what book (or books) would you recommend that they read?


Flash Forward:

Comics in San Diego: The Impact on Culture & Economy)
Traveling Stories and Eco Caters’ inaugural event, Comics in San Diego, will engage the community in conversation about the cultural and economic impact of comics on San Diego. Tickets are $30. They are limited and likely to sell out!

Revel Revel
868 5th Ave. (Level 3), San Diego, CA 92101

Date and Time:
June 27 from 5 to 8 pm | 5-8pm


Our Guest:

Emily Moberly:
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Traveling Stories:
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Thank YOU:

Thanks YOU for listening to the Hall H Show podcast! We love putting the spotlight on some of our favorite pop culture and comic book creatives.

We also love showcasing organizations, like Traveling Stories, who are trying to make a positive difference. Special thanks to Founder, Emily Moberly for taking the time to talk with us!

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Aaron Nabus

Aaron Nabus

After crash landing on Earth, Aaron Nabus grew to enjoy watching anime and Godzilla movies, reading comic books, eating kimchi, and playing 80's and 90's arcade, Nintendo and SNES games. When not roaming the galaxy, interviewing talented creators, he is a Graphic Designer, Brand Ambassador for the International Mobile Film Festival, founder and organizer of FilAm CreatorCon and a #ComicConFit motivator.

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