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Our Origin Story

The HallH.com blog was born on June 2014. About a month before San Diego Comic-Con. Which is ironic because neither of the three founders, Aaron Nabus, Alex Benedicto and Ed Santos had been to Hall H at SDCC for quite some time.

So why “HallH.com” you ask?

Surprisingly, the URL was available in 2011, so Alex secured it. Fast forward to 2014, to a meet up at a local San Diego, CA tea shop to catch up on things. After a discussion about how ridiculous of an idea it was that Optimus Prime was riding Grimlock in the new “Transformers: Age of Extinction” movie, Alex says “guess what?…I have HallH.com!”

Holy dramatic pause, Batman!

With a month before Comic-Con, we did a quick game plan and became HallH.com!

  • Business cards…check.
  • Camera…check.
  • WordPress Website…check.

We also secured our first interview. Bobby Rubio, a story artist at Pixar, who was going to be unveiling the new issue of his comic book, Alcatraz High, at SDCC 2014.

This very interview helped to shape what our mission would be, our “why.”

There were already tons of sites promoting the latest and greatest Marvel, DC and other big studio news…especially at Hall H during SDCC.

But what about artists and independent creators like Bobby Rubio? For us, ever since we were young padawans, Comic-Con was always about Artist Alley.

So, our mission was set. We would use “Hall H” to shine the spotlight on artists, writers and other pop culture and comic book creatives!

The Hall H Show Podcast

To better serve our mission, our podcast was launched on October 2016 and our first guest was Tony Kim, Mr. Crazy 4 Comic-Con himself!

When it came to who would be our first guest, we didn’t have to think too long. Tony is an inspiration because he paved the way, showing us that it is possible to carve out a niche for yourself and turn your passion into a living – especially with his sophisticated geek fashion line (that is officially licensed by DC), Hero Within!

And now our podcast, the Hall H Show, is getting a reputation as a stalwart promoter of comic book creators, especially independent ones. We’ve been privileged to have on the show:

  • Keithen Jones, owner of KID Comics and creator of “The Power Knights.”
  • Stephan Franck, owner of Dark Planet Comics and creator of “Silver.”
  • Jason Inman and Ashley Victoria Robinson, creators of “Jupiter Jet.”
  • Zack Kaplan, writer and creator of “Eclipse” and “Port of Earth.”
  • David Pepose, writer and creator of “Spencer and Locke.”

I would like to personally thank them and all our other amazing guests again for taking the time out of their busy schedules to be on our show. I would also like to thank YOU.

Thank you for supporting our mission to showcase artists in artist alley at all the comic conventions we go to, independent creators, and emerging talent.

– Aaron

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The Team

Aaron Nabus
Co-Founder & Social Media Director / Host of the Hall H Show Podcast

Alex Benedicto
Co-Founder & Promotions Director / Co-Host of the Hall H Show Podcast

Ed Santos

Ted Meneses

Dean Ritarita
Contributing Photographer

Jason Lethert
Contributor / Guest Host of the Hall H Show Podcast

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