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C2E2 – Artists and Writers

For those of you attending C2E2, make sure you drop by some of our favorite artists and writers and check out their works.


Pascual Productions

Booth – 868

His prints will mesmerize you and draw you to his booth. No doubt you will be walking away with some prints.

Jin Kim Art & GOMEZ

Booth – R4

Keep an eye out for his work on Transformers from IDW coming out soon. He needs to do all the Transformer titles!


Eddie Nunez

Booth – P9A

Pick up a print or two, he has a new baby girl to support.

Chrissie Zullo

Booth – S10

Some cool prints and sketchbooks. Better get on that commission list before it fills up!

Alex Solis

Booth – F5

Really like the Adorable Circle of Life book. Picked one up at Designer Con last year.

Mike S. Miller

Booths – 1280, C1

You’re going to have a hard time choosing which prints to pick up, such a huge selection.

Isaac Goodhart & Zack Kaplan

Booth – O15

If you haven’t read Eclipse yet, you better get the trade paperback and get to reading

David Faroz Precht

Booth – M4B

Holdin’ it down at #C2E2. Drop by booth M-4, y’all!

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Just picked up his book he wrote at WonderCon a few weeks back. Only a few chapters in and can’t wait to finish.

Stranger Comics

Booth – 814

Drop by and say ‘Hi’ to Sabastian and the crew and of course check out their great titles on hand.


1First Comics – Devil’s Due

Booth – 813

Wide range of comic book titles to choose from. Give RRH a look, written by Orlando Hardin

Here are some artists we follow on social media but have yet to meet in person. Hopefully we get to meet them at next year’s C2E2 or some upcoming Con.

Alex Ogle

Booth – M2


Adelso Corona

Booth – B16


Ale Garza

Booth – H10

#bombshell #harleyquinn @c2e2

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Jordan Gunderson

Booth – S14

All set up for #c2e2 in Artist Alley table S14. Swing on by if you’re at the show!

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Ken Lashley

Booth – R11


Marcio Takara

Booth – O9

11×17 prints for C2E2

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Matteo Scalera

Booth – A9

#batman #dccomics #comicbooks #comics #c2e2 #raphaelbrushes #speedballink #blackandwhite #strathmorepaper

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Sajad Shah

Booth – P13

First day of chicagos C2E2, I’ll be at Table P13 come by and say what’s up! #C2E2

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Alex Benedicto

Alex Benedicto

3rd degree Black Belt in Sudoku and Minesweeper EOD specialist. Enlisted as a Steward on the Argo then eventually worked his way up to be a Black Tiger Pilot. Recruited as the original member of G-Force but moved on to help assemble The Voltes V Team. Trained both teams in the martial arts of Arnis, Escrima and Kali.

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